Board Certified Psychiatrist

**Practice Closure On June 28, 2019**

Dr. Patel will be moving back to Texas and will unfortunately be closing his Bellevue practice on  June 28, 2019.  From late January through early March 2019, notifications were provided or attempted for all active/recent patients.  Referrals (for transfer of care) have also been provided and can be provided again upon request.  No clinical care or services (including prescription refills) will be available after June 28, and there will not be any cross-coverage available through the remaining doctors at the office suite.  The Bellevue office phone and fax numbers will not be used by Dr. Patel after June 28.  

​Dr. Patel plans to open a new practice in the Dallas area sometime in 2019, with his wife Dr. Mahta Ostadian.  All of the information on this practice closure page applies likewise to Dr. Ostadian's Bellevue practice and for her patients.

For Patients:  Contact information for after June will be updated on this website as it becomes available (for potential records requests, etc).  For any clinical concerns after June 28, please contact your new provider.  If emergent clinical concerns in the event that care has not yet been transferred, please contact your nearest urgent care clinic, emergency room, or 911 as appropriate.

For Pharmacies:  Please note that Dr. Patel will not be authorizing new prescriptions or refills after June and will no longer be accessible via the Bellevue phone/fax numbers.  For any refill requests or other prescription issues, please instruct patients to contact their new provider.

For Other Parties:  Contact information for after June will be updated on this website as it becomes available.

Release of information consent form (consent for disclosure of health information, necessary for records requests, communication with new providers, etc -- please read closely and complete all sections properly to avoid delays) 

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